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November 2014 Trimester Report

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September 25 2014 Update - Good Times

September 12 2014 Update - Pro Love 

August 28th 2014 Update - A Turning Point 

August 14th 2014 Update - Powerful Words 

July 31st 2014 Update - Your Invitation 

July 24th 2014 Update - A Big Life Centers Announcement 

July 11th 2014 Update - Life Centers Special Update: Ultrasounds 

July 3rd 2014 Update - Indy Abortion Clinic Closes 

June 26th 2014 Update - A Call to Action 

June 12th 2014 Update - From the Mouth of Babes 

May 30th 2014 Update - Good News 

May 15th 2014 Update - A Note from Tom (COL recap) 

April 28th 2014 Update - A Very New Believer 

April 17th 2014 Update - Leaving a Legacy 

April 10th 2014 Update - A Smile and Some Glasses

April 3rd 2014 Update - Love in Any Language

March 2014 Invitation to the Celebration of Life Banquet 

March 14th 2014 Update - Two for Life

March 6th 2014 Update - Free From Fear

February 27th 2014 Update - A Note from Brian

February 20th 2014 Update - A View of the Heart

February 13th 2014 Update - A Voice of Love

February 7th 2014 Update - A Friend for Life

January 30th 2014 Update - God's Sovereign Plan

January 23rd 2014 Update - Generations of Life

January 16th 2014 Update - A Beautiful Setting

January 9th 2014 Update - A Note from Tom

December 30th 2013 Update - Two Days Left

December 20th 2013 Update - Merry Christmas from Life Centers

December 12th 2013 Update - Answering the Call

December 5th 2013 Update - Another Divine Appointment

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