Life Centers Stories

Kristi's Story 


My whole body went numb and I was shaking. A positive test.  How could this be? Is God punishing me? Will my boyfriend, Andres, stick by my side? How will God bless a baby conceived this way?

 I had prayed for a negative test.  A miscarriage.  Anything.  I did not want this baby.  Not before marriage.  Not now. I had just left full-time employment to focus on starting my master's degree.  My parents were both in ministry and would be devastated. I had no idea what to do.

But I felt surrounded by love and truth.  Two women from Life Centers were at my side, showing me with great kindness the size of my four-week-old baby. They spoke clearly and gently about the Gospel - the Gospel I had embraced just a few years before - and how this baby was a gift. A gift from God (James 1:17) who was knit together in my womb so preciously and uniquely (Psalm 139).

I saw Jesus in these two women. I felt Him. Hearing God's Word and feeling the love and acceptance at Life Centers made me confident that it would all be okay.  I left the center knowing God would provide.

Now, Andres and I are married and blessed daily by our beautiful daughter, Natalia. I'm a student a IUPUI preparing for the physician's assistance program. We attend church regularly and are involved in a small group.  God has provided in every single way. 

Natalie's Story

Natalie_med_web"When I first came to the pregnancy center, I was really scared. I wanted to look at adoption first. My peer counselor shared with me all of my options. I decided to keep my child. As we talked, I also decided I wanted to rededicate my life to Christ. After I chose life and rededicated my life to Christ, it was amazing. A church threw a baby shower for me.

"I would have never been able to do this alone. God has given me everything I need and more. I talk to God every day. I am so thankful for my son. He is everything I prayed for. I am grateful to my peer counselor and the volunteers at Life Centers who continue to help me and have changed my life."

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